md5sum/shasum #️⃣

Checks/computes MD5/SHA checksum of files.

Compute MD5 checksum md5sum

md5sum ~/.bashrc ~/.zshrc ~/.profile
fc4231f666b25990eefc1c51917d7bb1  /home/babak/.bashrc
6688207953bbd9d20d487a9509a6c297  /home/babak/.zshrc
43f7dc02e7bfb5d40703b5cb94e274ce  /home/babak/.profile

Compute SHA1 checksum shasum

shasum ~/.bashrc ~/.zshrc ~/.profile
499460ce753fa4b02cbb8c7e0cb61b1a9583bcd9  /home/babak/.bashrc
2f195c1d8c86cf34e4bdbd947e76fc9cb0bc900e  /home/babak/.zshrc
63d1a74119f9a8a84fd930ed8341395e9ab867f0  /home/babak/.profile

Compute other SHA checksums -a

shasum -a 256 ~/.bashrc ~/.zshrc ~/.profile
25d3d9737d0773dd6ece3a3536205784ce099314d68721eb5a865e82af66495c  /home/babak/.bashrc
5db662d84b785f026d6613e7e187a4a9c9333c9a38acf49ea7a5e15f4bb203c8  /home/babak/.zshrc
4c532d3d8bb0988d61ac334b1ffc6302ba0aac350b0d5c98102c3c4c443602f9  /home/babak/.profile

ℹ️ Supported SHA types are: 1 (default), 224, 256, 384, 512, 512224, 512256

Create checksums file for later checks

shasum ~/.bashrc ~/.zshrc ~/.profile > SHA1SUMS
md5sum ~/.bashrc ~/.zshrc ~/.profile > MD5SUMS

Check checksums --check

shasum --check SHA1SUMS
md5sum --check MD5SUMS
/home/babak/.bashrc: OK
/home/babak/.zshrc: OK
/home/babak/.profile: OK

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